Spirited Leadership

In today’s challenging economic environment leaders need to have exceptional behavior and communication skills to deal with this challenge:

·  27% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs.  (They are fired up and full of spirit).

·  54% of employees are not engaged in their jobs – (they are switched off- they have lost their competitive business spirit).

·  19% are actively disengaged – (they are tuned out) 

Different times call for different leadership

Ed Rankin and Dr. Sandy Gluckman are combining their expertise to offer organizational leaders a program teaching how to apply corporate and team spirit as a hard-edged economic driver. When spirit goes up, operational costs go down and productivity and profitability go up.

The Spirited Leader Program
A 2-Day Offsite with a maximum of 15 leaders . This seminar is based on Sandy Gluckman’s groundbreaking book , Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?  Dr Gluckman will teach recession-proof skills that enable leaders to mobilize and apply employee spirit to the achievement of the business goals.
Follow-up one-on-one coaching with Ed Rankin to strengthen these skills as the leaders apply them to the achievement of their business goals.





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